About Us

Early in 1963, my dad, Bruce Robinson, made a trip to the Marietta Coin Shop in the Town & Country Shopping Center. Instead of a coin shop he found a pet shop. The owner of the coin shop had closed up and moved to Florida.

After talking to the pet-shop owner for a while and learning that a number of people had stopped in looking for the coin shop, we agreed to set up a counter of coins in the back of the store. So with one counter of coins and on a shoestring budget, we started the coin business in 1963 as “Coin Town.”

Later that year we found and moved into a small shop (about 10’ x 50’) on Atlanta Street in downtown Marietta. After a while we moved into a much larger shop just next door, then moved again in 1972 to our present location.

Through the years, Bruce (my dad ), Pauline (my mom), Linda Sue (my wife), and I have been the primary operators of the shop. Our daughters, Beth Dolan and Cindy Steed, have joined us at the store and work with the website.

We are very fortunate to have Chip Cutcliff working with us. Chip has a very lengthy and impressive numismatic resume, and is a storehouse of numismatic knowledge that he loves to share with our customers.